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 A friend of hers found out about Reba and Willie and called us, anxious to remove them from their miserable living situation. At our shelter, they will have plenty of space to wander, graze, and swim, like all geese deserve to do. He had once been a member of a flock, but all of his friends had been killed by predators. The property owner’s daughter and her aunt feared Ace would be next, so the aunt reached out to us.

Then a break until 5:30 pm when we prepared the donkeys dinner (I liked doing it), brought them back to the stables and feeded them. We walked the dogs too. We then took the time to drink a glass of wine or a beer before dinner, after what we gave some hay to the donkeys for the night and walked the dogs one last time. That was basically my daily life. Everyone could take one rest day a week, and the Sunday was more quiet.