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Needing an opportunity to unplug, activate inspiration, and gain a deeper understanding of your potential?

Together we can cultivate a program that provides the opportunity to awaken your potential. We would develop a program to meet your individual goals.

Maybe you have been struggling with addiction, contemplating your next career path, or wanting to develop & strengthen your spirituality. Maybe you might be needing simply unplug in order to clear the mind through being in nature.

Lorenzo and Rocco both (the top image) were pretty skittish when they arrived at the sanctuary. They came in under pretty bad health, neglected hooves, and malnourished. As they feel your presence, your energy, they will come to you for a company and nurturing

*** During this time of COVID-19, we have been following CDC measures and state of MA business protocols. At this time we are not having large groups on the sanctuary. For any questions or concerns around possible trips to the sanctuary, please go to the “Contact Us” page to contact us.

Community Partnerships

Community partners collaborate with the sanctuary around what types of offerings or activities would benefit individuals they support.

Such as learning how to grow, maintain & harvest food, meditation classes, groups, projects for the community, educational classes, and mini-retreats. Empowering individuals to experience nature, wildlife, and sanctuary animal education. We will cultivate a program or mini-retreats to meet the needs of the community.

Maybe your agency might want to partner with the sanctuary. Sanctuary being your template for learning while enjoying the natural environment.

Healing Hearts Sanctuary allows us to incorporate the animals, nature, and the grounds as a part of our collaboration. Sanctuary animals are -horses, donkeys, and goats. All work is done and utilized from the ground.

2020 Community Food Project

Healing Hearts growing food to feed families in need. During this high unemployment period and financial hardship. Food will be brought to the Worthington Food Pantry and a pantry in Pittsfield depending on the harvest size.