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The Healing Hearts Sanctuary is a 501c3 not for profit community based organization dedicated to being of loving service to our local and global friends and family. HHS offers practices and programs aimed at discovering, deepening and healing ourselves, our connection to one another, Mother Nature and the Divine within.

This is an intimate place offering groups and individuals a relaxing, peaceful and supportive environment in an inspiring natural setting. 

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About Us

Tracy McManmon

Tracy has worked in human services for the past 30 years, has his MSW, is a licensed therapist providing psychotherapy, founder of a behavioral health group practice, and is looking to start his Ph.D. in Philosophy in the fall of 2022. Tracy has worked within the homeless and marginalized communities for most of his working career, from running a top-ranked transitional program in the country for the homeless and developing partial hospital & Intensive outpatient programs.

Tracy is now called to be of service to the community by following spirit’s guidance. HHS is a place to rejoice in spirit, a place of belonging, community, and healing. Tracy is drawn toward offering programs, activities, classes, and offerings that focus on love & spirit. We aim to provide all offerings on an ability to pay basis. Our gatherings will be to rejoice in spirit through love, music, dance, art, education, inspiration, and creating a place for sanctuary.

Tracy enjoys painting and creating and loves to capture spirit through photography. Tracy also enjoys doing soul work through dreams, intuition, places of initiation, and helping those connect with the deep waters of the soul, creating a pathway to help those connect with spirit.

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Susan Jameson

Forgiveness Is the Key to Happiness, Lesson 121 of ACIM, today’s lesson

By what could only be the Grace of God, Susan has been on a spiritual journey for as long as she can remember. The simplicity of knowing within her heart that GOD IS has guided her on a lifelong path of listening and following Spirit, asking seemingly along the way, Who Am I? and How may I serve?…..and being shown.

In 1976 Susan was directed intuitively to go to the East West Books in NYC where A Course In Miracles jumped off the shelf, and was given as One path of many, which when applied uncompromisingly, offers a direct experience of God. For decades to follow Susan dived into many seemingly ‘universal curriculums’, paths of purification, both traditional and alternative, seeing Oneness at their core, and studied with and practiced alongside healers both physical and non physical.

Also, dedicated  to being of service, she played the part of  sacred activist, answering a call for love, when guided and inspired by Spirit.

For years, Susan explored a passion she had, still has, for dance, the dance of the Divine (One could say), expressed through teachers such as Luigi, Alwin Nikolai, Murray Louis, Alvin Ailey, Percival Borde, Henry Smith and others. As far as feeling free goes, Susan feels there was, is nothing like it.

“Forget every touch or sound that did not teach you how to dance”  ~ Rumi

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Simultaneously, orchestrated by the Divine, Susan was given the opportunity to extend love (and prayer) through producing concerts, organizing events, and co-creating a Native American Pow Wow which for twelve years became a signature event in the northeast.

Nothing short of a Miracle, the message, the symbolism through ‘time’ has been the same, may she be in the Pyramids of Giza, the sacred sites of Greece, the Grotto of Lourdes, France, the mountains of Peru, the heart of Mexico, what appears to be a global crisis like 9/11, tipi ceremonies, facilitating workshops, dancing and, or sitting in silence. it was and still is made obvious – GOD IS, LOVE IS, the eternal and infinite Is always available and accessible to All Now, in this Moment, the only Moment There Is. The separation never happened.

It is Susan’s greatest joy to extend Love, Light and the Miracle through recognizing and witnessing the Divine Presence in all. Susan was ordained an Interfaith Minister in 2011, 11 is one all one again. Presently, she is the events coordinator for the Alliance of a Viable Futures’, Indigenous Peoples’ Day and is deeply grateful for the opportunity to join Tracy and others co-founding the Healing Hearts Sanctuary, an invitation to Love for All. Welcome.

“You Dance inside my chest where no one sees you” ~ Rumi

“You are entitled to Miracles because of what you are. It is this that we will celebrate!” ~ ACIM

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