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Healing Hearts Sanctuary

Welcome to the Healing Hearts Sanctuary located on twenty beautiful acres in Worthington, one of the Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts.

Projects & Events

Heartbeat of the Earth

Walk in Harmony, We Are All Connected

Heart Ashes and Fire
  • Drumming  around the fire
  • Building a sweat lodge
  • Talking circles
  • Community potlucks
  • Nature-based learning
  • Community skill sharing
  • Gardening
  • Silent meditation  & satsangs
  • Yoga and Dance
  • Heart of Gold music series
  • Caring for the animals
  • Movies and more ….

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Past Events

Healing Concert with Neda Boin

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Neda Boin
  • Location: Healing Hearts Sanctuary, 241 West Street, Worthington, MA
  • Donation based event
  • Feel free to bring a picnic, blankets and lawn chairs

Join international singer, Course of Miracles teacher and Voice Liberator, Neda Boin, for a healing music experience. Allow Neda’s inspiring songs to open your heart and invite you to a direct experience of the Love you truly are.

Experience Coming Home to Your Self.

The World Tree
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Meet the Animals

Horse Headshot

An Invitation to Love

Smiling Goats


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